Monday, February 7, 2011


A fried sweet stuffed with sweet filling.


for outer covering
Upma Rava(semolina)-- 1 cup
a pinch of salt

for filling

sugar------ 1 1/2 cup
gratings of copra( dessicated coconut) --- one
poppy seeds---- 2 table spoons
fried grams--- 1/2 cup
cashew nuts(optional)----- 5 nos ( cut into small pieces)
a teaspoon of cardamom powder


For outer covering.
Mix rava with enough water and little salt and bind into a tight dough (like chappati dough). Rest the dough for half hour.

for filling.
Dry roast poppy seeds, fried grams,copra gratings and grind them with sugar and cardamom powder in a mixie. To this add roasted cashew nuts.

Now take a big marble sized dough and roll it into a small chappati. Add enough filling into the chappati and fold into semicircles. Twist/punch the edges with your fingers to tightly bind the edges.

Deep fry them in cooking medium.

P.S: MIL says the outer covering dough was usually pounded in a pestle and mortar in olden days, so that the dough would bind well.

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