Thursday, February 17, 2011

pani puri

Pani puri aka golgappa aka Puchka aka water balls.

A street food which you find around the corner of most streets in India.If the puris are brought from shop, this can be easily made without spending lot of kitchen time during summers and what's more it can be made by the kids themselves. Can be fortified and made nutritious with sprouts as fillers and by adding dates syrup in sweet water.


For the spicy mint water: (to make 2 litres)
De-stemmed pudina leaves - 2 cups
de-stemmed coriander leaves -- 2 cups
green chilly ------------- 1 (optional)
pani puri masala powder ---- 1 table spoon
juice of 1/2 lemon

For sweet sauce

Tamarind ---- 1 lemon size
jaggery ------- 1/4 cup
ajwain ------- a tea spoon
dates syrup ---- 1 table spoon (optional)

for the filling :

1 cup of boiled sprouts of green gram/ kabuli channa/ alu
salt ---- 1 teaspoon


For filling:

Pressure cook channa/alu/sprouts.Season it with salt and keep aside.

For the masala pani:

Grind the washed pudina, coriander and chilli in a grinder.
Add the ground mixture to a litre of water along with a table spoon of pani puri masala.

For the sweet/meeta pani.

Mix the extract of tamarind and jaggery and filter to remove the fibre or dust if any.
boil the mixture till the raw smell of tamarind disappears.
sprinkle with ajwain seeds and add a spoon of dates syrup.

For garnishing:
finely chopped onions.


Punch the top of the puri, fill in with the sprouts and onion, dip it in the green mint water and pop it into the mouth. If you want it slightly tangier and sweeter, add a spoon of sweet tamarind water.

P.S: with a little help from elders like in soaking and boiling the children can make this food themselves.

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