Saturday, February 12, 2011

Aloo tikki burger

An easy food which can be assembled by children themselves.


Buns---- 1 no
sliced cucumber -- 4 pieces
sliced onions ----- 4 pieces
sliced tomatoes----- 4 pieces
cheese slice ------ 1 no
washed and cleaned cabbage/lettuce leaf ---- 1 no
tomato sauce ---- 1 tbspoon
mayonaisse ------- 1 table spoon
sweet onion sauce ---- 1 table spoon

for the patties
Boiled and mashed potato -- 1 cup
a slice of bread
chilli paste --- 1 spoon
salt to taste:

Mix the patty ingredients and bind them well. pat them into patties and grill.

To assemble the burger

cut the bun horizontally.
arrange the following over the base bun in the following order
lettuce/cabbage leaf
cucumber slices
tomato slices
cheese slice
alu patty
onion slices

drizzle the choice of your sauce between the layer
cover the top cut bun
Pin a toothpick from the top most bun to the bottom most through the center.

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