Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Oma pudi ( sev)

Omapudi is a tasty tea time snack . The main medium for this is besan and its gets name by the ajwain ( omam in tamil) added to it. My daughter's favorite and so this is made when she fancies to eat.


Gram flour  - 2 cups
rice flour -  1 cup
salt to taste.
asafoetida - a pinch
Ajwain water  (1 cup of water in which a teaspoon of ajwain is boiled,  cooled and filtered)
Cooking medium
Murukku extruder with omapudi plate


Heat the kadai on low flame with the cooking medium.

In a bowl, add all the above ingredients( except water) and mix them well. Now scoop a tablespoon of heated oil and mix in the flour.( this is for crispiness)

Add required amount of ajwain water and bind them like a chapati dough.

Fill the dough in the extruder to which the omapudi plate is fixed and extrude them in the heated oil (keep on high flame).

Flip over once the hissing sound decreases.

When the hissing sound is not heard, remove them from the oil and lay it on an oil draining plate.

When cool, store them in airtight container.