Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yennai kathrikkai ( stuffed brinjals)

Yennai kathrikkai literally means oiled brinjals. Tender round brinjals (purple variety) small in size are partially slit (one slit from top and another from bottom perpendicular to the top slit). This way it will have 4 slits in all and still be held together as a whole. These are filled with a special spice made exclusively for this and then cooked in oil in an iron Kadai. Now to the recipe...


Tender brinjals( small and round) --1/2 Kg
3 table spoons gingelly oil (for roasting)

For the filling( spices to be ground)
Channa dal ---2 tea spoon
Coriander seeds --- 2 tea spoon
Dry red chilli ----5 nos(if you want it spicier increase the quantity)


Roast the filling ingredients in one teaspoon oil.

When cool, grind the above ingredients with turmeric powder and crystal salt( acc to your taste)

Fill the above powder in the slits of the brinjal on either side.

Now add 2 table spoons of oil in an Iron Kadhai.
When the oil reaches smoking point, add the filled brinjals and roast them up till done.

Alternatively you can arrange the filled brinjals in a microwave dish and micro it on combination of grill and cook for 10 minutes ( this requires no oil)

Cooking tips: When done in an Iron kadhai it gives a grilled effect( you can use non-stick kadhai also)

Don't toss them up often when it is getting cooked, The brinjals being tender are likely to break.

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