Friday, March 12, 2010

Traditional tamil iyer sambar powder

Traditional sambar powder used in Tamil iyer cooking.


Dry red chilllies ¼ kg
coriander seeds 100gm
channa dal 50 gms
toovar dal 50gms
urad dal- 50gms
pepper 50 gms
fenugreek seeds 25 gms
sticks of turmeric (or) turmeric powder 50gms


Except red chillies, dry roast all the above ingredients separately till it turns light brown in a kadai (without oil).

Roast red chillies in a kadai separately along with 2 spoons of til oil (gingelly)
Allow them to cool and then grind it in a flour mill near your home. It can also be ground in a mixie but in that case it is advisable to use only turmeric powder and not turmeric sticks.

recipe courtesy: Parvatham patti

My grandfather who was an engineer by profession was also a great cook. He also used to make a tasty sambar powder. The only variation he used to the above was he used to dry roast mustard and curry leaves and add it to the above ingredients.

When stored in airtight containers it has a shelf life of one year, but we make it every fortnight at home since it will be fresh and the aroma is not lost.


  1. If we are using turmeric powder, do we still use 50 gms of turneric powder or do we use less?

    1. Jyoti, use the home, we generally use the approximation method

  2. I tried this recipe and have posted it too....Loved the recipe!! :)

    1. Thank you Sharmilee, your presentation is very good:)

  3. if we are using mustard seed how much do we need to use .

    1. Add 25 gms Sasi kala....generally in our homes, my elders go by approximation. called kai thittam or kan thittam.( hand or eye measure)