Friday, February 21, 2014

Sembu Elai vadai

Sembu(colocassia/taro )  Elai vadai is Taro leaf rolls. This is famous as Patrode in Konkan region. My  Konkani neighbours in Bangalore would do this often at home. It is availabe in super markets now. What surprised me was that it is made in Tamilnadu too. I was not aware of this till recently, when we saw this leaves being sold near Skandagiri and my MIL said she makes it too. 

I am recording the version made at home, though konkanis i remember do not add dals, instead they add imli and jaggery to rice. 

Ingredients  for roll :

 5-6 medium sized taro leaf  or sembu elai
Ingredients for filling:
Raw rice --- ½ cup
Parboiled rice(puzhangarisi)—1/2cup
Channa dal --- 1 table spoon
Tuvar dal ------1 table spoon
Moong dal ----- 1 table spoon
Red chilli – 3 nos
Saunf powder --- 1 teaspoon
Salt ( according to taste)

Method for mixture/filling:

Soak rice and dal for about 2 hours.
Grind  soaked  rice,dals , red chillli coarsely
Add salt and saunf powder to the coarse mixture.

Wash the taro leaves and wipe it with a clean cloth.
Now smear the ground paste on the back of the leaf( allow some free space around the edges)
Roll the leaf  into cigar shape.
Steam them in a vessel.

You can eat it straight away like a  roll or cut them horizontally into roundels.  

Tip: These leaves have itchy property and may leave you with a itchy feeling in the throat after eating. This itchiness can be removed by eating a  clove bud.

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