Sunday, February 2, 2014

Arikkin Nada

The reason it is called arikkin nada is because in olden days, there used to be a lantern called Hurricane lamp. This lamp had a wick shaped like a flat ribbon and this wick looks like a tape( nada )and so arikkin is the tamil version of hurricane. Arikkin nada is also called as Ribbon pakoda or nada thenkuzhal. An easy to make snack served usually during the 3'o clock tea time at tambrahm houses, but it is an any time snack.

rice flour: 2 cups
Besan: 1 cup
hing powder/hing dissolved water - 1/2 tsp
salt to taste
chilli powder to taste
butter - 50gms
Oil for frying:

Mix all the ingredients( except oil) and make a dough of chappati consistency.
Take a dollop of dough and put it into extruder which has the mould of ribbon pakoda
Extrude in circular motion in the heated oil. Fry till the sound of the oil subsides. flip it over and remove it when it turns golden brown.

variations: You can also variate by substituting 1 cup of besan with ragi flour/soya flour.

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