Friday, October 26, 2012

Homemade chocolates


1/2 kg Morde chocolate bar
a few almonds


For Ganache:
Cream  - 1/2 cup
grated chocolate - 1/2 cup
a pinch of salt

For finishing
Mould plate
chocolate wrapping foils
a few almonds
Grate the chocolate bar.
Morde or selborne chocolate bar( available in market)

Choclate gratings

                                                        Melted in the double boiler method

Melt the gratings in a double boiler. Heat water in a vessel. In another vessel add the grated chocolate and place it in the vessel with hot water.

When the chocolate melts, pour them in the moulds of your choice readily available in market or spoon them on a greasy surface like plate to form your own patterns.

To make a ganache chocolate filling

Heat the cream, add the grated chocolate and salt to make a ganache mixture.

Pour the melted chocolate to fill half  the mold, place a spoon of ganache and cover again with the melted chocolate.

                                 Heat the cream( amul) or even the home collected cream

                                      Pour the half cup heated cream over half cup chocolate gratings and add a pinch of salt

                                           Mix well to make a creamy ganache

To make an almond filling chocolate.

Pour the melted chocolate  in the mould, place an almond and cover the almond with some more melted chocolate.

                                                           chocolate with almond filling

                                                    Chocolate with ganache filling


The chocolatiers licking their creations

                                                              The chocolates after getting dislodged


 When cooled, dislodge the chocolates form the mould and wrap them in the colorful foils of your choice.
The above chocolatey affair was done by my son and daughter with a lot of disagreements, kicks, licks, mess and love thrown in.

                                              Being wrapped

                                                           Grab them now before its gone

The end product was awesome no doubt. I relished the chocolates made by my children and went to sit on the  dining chair when i found a blob of gooey melted chocolate on the upholtery.

When i showed this to my son, my son said. Don't worry ma, I will give you the upholstery polisher's number. He will do the shampooing job.

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