Saturday, January 8, 2011

Narthelai podi (vepilai katti)

This is a traditional accompaniment known to natives of Thanjavur. Usually accomapanies Curd rice but now I spice up my oats porridge with this aromatic powder. Narthelai in tamil means leaves of citron.

Narthelai( tender leaves of citron) ---- 1 handful
red chilli ---- 1no. ( just one will do for one handful)
Ajwain seeds ----- 1/4 tsp
salt to taste.


Pound all the ingredients together in a small pestle or grind it coarsely in a mixer.

This coarse powder is not made in my kitchen but it definitely adorns my kitchen shelf. This is made at Lalgudi ( My MIL"s maternal home) from freshly plucked tender leaves of narthangai (citron) tree grown in the backyard. The lemony aroma of this powder makes you feel fresh at once. I wonder if this is the reason lemon oil is used for medicinal therapy.

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