Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Macaroni in red sauce and white sauce


Macaroni --- 1 packet

Red sauce:

Puree of 2 tomaotes

1 medium sized capsicum

1 medium onion

1 crushed garlic pod

Sugar 1 tea spoon

2 packets of chilli flakes( generally comes with home delivery pizzas,store them for use)

2 packets of oregano

Olive oil/butter

Salt to taste

White sauce

Cheese ---- ¼ cup grated

Milk ---- ½ cup

Maida ---- 1 table spoon

Black Pepper powder --- 1 table spoon

Butter/olive oil


To make red sauce:

Take a table spoon of olive oil(butter) and when heated sauté finely chopped onion and capsicum.

To this add a crushed garlic and fry lightly.

Add tomato puree and sugar to the above mixture and cook well till all the ingredients bind.

Add chilli flakes,salt and oregano and cook for 2 minutes and your red sauce is done.

To make white sauce:

Melt a table spoon of butter on a low flame.

Add the maida and roast lightly.

Add milk to the maida and stir without forming lumps.

Add cheese to the above mixture till the cheese melts into the mixture. Spice the sauce with pepper

Cook macaroni in boiling water till done. Drain the water and wash them with cool water.

Separate the cooked macaroni into two portions.

Mix one portion with the red sauce and the other portion with white sauce.

Recipe courtesy: My 14 year old daughter

P.S: My daughter is an avid follower of cookery shows. She has tweaked and twisted to suit her taste.

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