Friday, July 23, 2010

Urulai roast (my appa's recipe)

Urulaikizhangu is potato in tamil.

Urulaikizhangu roast in an Iron wok


Potatoes ------1/2 Kg
Curd ----1/4cup
Chilli powder ---2 tea spoon/according to your taste
Turmeric powder ------ 1/2 tea spoon
Salt ---- to taste
Powdered asafoetida----- a pinch
Sugar ----- 1 teaspoon
Cooking medium --- 2 table spoon


First boil the potatoes,chop them and keep aside.

Mix chilli powder,turmeric,asafoetida,salt and sugar in curd and blend them well.

Marinate the chopped potatoes in the blended mix for ½ hour.

Heat the wok with two table spoon of cooking medium.

Drop the marinated potatoes in the heated wok and fry them till it turns brown.

Tastes good when done in an Iron wok.

Variation: Instead of dicing the potatoes, you can try it with mashed potatoes. This is a recipe customized by my dad who loves cooking. My son has voted this as the ‘ World’s best potato curry’ and he says it tastes good only when his thatha (grand pa) makes this.

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