Monday, September 28, 2015

kadalai mittai ( peanut fudges)

Kadalai mittai or peanut fudges( or can be shaped into balls)  are traditional sweet made with jaggery. Loaded with nutrition they are good snack time bites too energise you. Alhough famous and easily available in supermarkets and small stores, the ones that would come from my perima's place were very tasty and famous. The pettaivaithalai kadalai mittai were shaped into fudges and decorated with colored dessicated coconut strands. Looked very appealing. This is one of my husband's favorite sweet and so almost every alternate week, we make this in my kitchen. A simple recipe


Peanuts - 1 cup
jaggery - 3/4 cup
a little rice powder( to shape them )

Firstly dry roast the peanuts, cool them and crush them coarsely or till they break into two pieces with a rolling pin. Remove the hull from the nuts. 

Make a jaggery syrup in a thick bottomed pan till it melts  and rolls into a ball consistency. To this add the peanuts. When slightly cool ( yet warm). Dust your hands with rice flour, take a blob of the peanutjaggery mixture and shape them into balls. Alternatively, pour the mixture on a greased plate, pat them evenly and shape them into fudges.