Saturday, February 21, 2015

kara kara murukku - my mom's special

My mom has a special kai manam ( hath ka jadoo). With her touch even the simplest of ingredients put together make a delicious  dish. But her speciality more than day to day cooking is murukkus and pickles. My neighbours and relatives are fond of the pickles and thokkus( a chutney that is preserved in oil) she makes. Some of them have been taken to the US by our neighbours. Amma would make them more out of neighbourly love and so they were never sold commercially. This time when she had come I insisted she make murukku and share her secret recipe. While she roasted the ingredients, appa went to the nearby flour mill to grind the ingredients and the labour of love was simply crispy and needless to say, there were'nt many left to store in an air-tight tin, it lastled only a couple of days while it can have a shelf life of more than a week. When my children were young and would visit her regularly for vacations, this was one of the snack she would prepare in advance, so that the kids could munch on this as finger food as and when they walk in and out of their play time.The aroma of the roasted lentils, jeera , hing  and my mom's love awakens my senses and makes me drool. Over to the recipe,


Rice--3 cups
urad dal- 1/4 cup
moong dal - a tablespoonful
fried grams -- 2 tablespoons
jeera - 2 teaspoon
til - 2 teaspoon
salt to taste
hing powder - a teaspoon
red chilli powder (optional)

Cooking medium to fry.

To make the murukku flour:

Dry roast urad dal and moong dal till golden in color. When cooled, add it to the rice along with fried grams, jeera  and get it ground in a flour mill. This murukku flour can be stored in airtight jars and can be used in batches to make fresh murukkus.

Method for binding the dough

Take the ground flour and add salt, hing and red chilli powder(optional). mix the ingredients with a ladle of hot oil and water and bind it into a chappati dough consistency. Fill them in extruders and extrude them in hot oil. When the hissing sound stops, flip them over and fry them till golden brown in color. cool them and store it in air tight jars.

                                                           Ingredients to be ground

                                                    The dough made by mixing hot oil and  water. the hot oil renders the murukku crispy


  1. Mmmmm, awesome, crispy and crunchy, new recipe to me, the addition of moong dal, would definitely give it a try soon :):)

    1. Thank you:). Try this and tell me how it turned out.

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