Sunday, April 13, 2014

Strawberry trifle pudding

Trifle pudding a dessert generally made with sponge cake and custard. Instead here, i substituted with sweet bread and marie biscuit. Instead of the regular sugar, i added palm sugar(organic) , layered it with sliced strawberry and when chilled and served makes for a perfect summer noon time dessert.

Bread - 4 slices
marie biscuit - 1 packet
custard powder - 2 table spoon
milk - 1/2 litre of which 2 table spoons can be set aside
sugar - according to taste ( minimum - 3/4 cup)
strawberry - 15- 20.

Slice the strawberries and keep aside.
For custard: heat milk, dissolve sugar  and keep aside. Take two table spoons of warm milk and mix in the custard to make a paste. Dissolve the custard paste in the hot milk and bring it to a boil. Keep stirring.


In a flat dish ( like a baking dish) ,Place the bread slices, place a few strawberry slices, pour a layer of custard.

 Again place a layer of bread slices, place marie biscuits over the slices, pour the remaining custard

                                                   Top it with remaining slices of strawberry
                                     When the custard cools, place the dish in the fridge.

                                                Slice them and serve.

The soaked in marie biscuit along with the soaked bread leaves a soft sweet taste on your tongue along with the sweet sour strawberry bite.

* You can substitute sweet bread with ordinary bread also,

 Below is the picture of  palm sugar crystals ( organic)


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