Thursday, December 29, 2011

Green peas Paratha/kachori

A tasty and nutritious paratha for school tiffin box, packed with goodness of peas and multigrain atta. When rolled to small diameter can be fried in oil to make peas kachori for evening tea time.


For outer covering:
Multigrain atta(wheat, jowar, chickpeas and ragi) - 3 cups
salt to taste
Knead them to a pliable dough and allow it to rest for some time(min 1/2 hour)

For filling:
Fresh green peas : 2 cups
garlic - 4 nos
ginger paste/powder - 1/2 teaspoon
dhania powder - 2 teaspoon
redchilli powder -- 11/2 teaspoon or finely cut green chilli
amchur powder( 1 teaspoon) or lime juice - 1 table spoon
butter( for parathas) or oil for frying(kachori)

Method:For filling

Boil green peas with garlic.

Puree them in a blender.

To the peas puree, add all the above spice powders and mix them well. If the puree is watery, thicken the puree by sauteeing in a little oil to make it into a solid lump.

To make parathas:

Roll a golf ball sized dough into a roti of small size. Place an appropriate quantity of filling in the middle. Fold it from all sides and remove the excess dough at the top. Now pat them and roll it into the required diameter and roast them on a tawa till it gets cooked. Brush it up with butter on both sides and it is ready to be packed in the tiffin box.

To make Kachoris: For the kachoris, follow the above method, only instead of rolling it into a bigger dia, make it smaller to 2" dia and fry them in oil.

Tastes good without any accompaniment, if you still want an accompaniment, have it with mint chutney or tomato sauce.

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