Sunday, June 27, 2010

Jeera poli

Jeera poli are puris dipped in sugar syrup(jeera).

Ingredients: (for puri)
Rava --- 1 cup
Maida( refined flour)---- 1 ladle
A pinch of salt
oil for frying

Mix all the ingredients with water and bind them to the chappati dough consistency.
After a resting period o f ½ hour, Roll them into small puris and fry them in cooking medium.

Ingredients (for sugar syrup)

Sugar --- 3 cups
Water ---1 cup

Add 3 cups of sugar to 1 cup of water , boil them to make sugar syrup. Flavour the syrup with cardamom powder/ any food essence (like rose)of your choice.

Now dip the fried puri into the sugar syrup till it coats both the sides of the puri.

Lay out the dipped puris on a plate. Store them in containers once it is cooled.


  1. Asha Madam,

    very superb recipes, have aunthentic touch.

    Keeep blogging.

    Chef Raj..

  2. Thank you chef raj, all credit to my elders at home. BTW send me you right link, your blog link is not opening.

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